Monday, June 15, 2015

My Favorite Shorts

Happy Monday!  I hope you all had a great weekend.  Mine was super busy and flew by...we had my sister-in-law's baby shower this weekend.  It was SO much fun!  More on that later this week!

Today I thought I would share my favorite shorts for the summer.  Earlier this spring I decided I needed new shorts for the warmer weather.  Unfortunately, I had quite the time shopping for them.  I went to about 4 stores and tried on MANY pairs before finding shorts that really fit well.  Needless to say, I wasn't necessarily a happy camper that shopping trip.  Thank goodness my mom suggested trying out Gap...I had such good luck there!

Here is the winner:
Gap summer khaki shorts.  These shorts are perfect.  They come up at a good spot on your waist...I wouldn't call them high-waisted by any means, but they hit at a very comfortable spot.  Also, the 3"  inseam was the perfect length for me.  I tried on a few of the longer lengths, but with being on the shorter side (5'3"), this inseam was definitely the way to go for me.  Also, you can't beat the price!  I was able to get them for 40% off, but even at their regular price, I think it is a great deal.  The quality is great - the fabric feels like it will last a long time.  Also, they don't get super wrinkly going through the wash, which is very important to me since I am not the biggest fan of ironing.  Because I had such a hard time finding a pair of shorts I liked, I ended up buying three pairs!  I purchased them in true indigo, oak tree and the blue dobby stripe.  They also come in a bunch of fun patterns! 

Before stopping by to look for shorts, I hadn't shopped at Gap in a long time.  I just had trouble with the way things fit there previously.  However, I feel like now I will definitely be stopping back in when out at the mall!  If I have more good luck there, it may become one of my go-to stores.  What are your go-to stores?

Happy shopping!     


  1. I usually don't have any luck with Gap because their prices seem to be so high, but these shorts are much cheaper than I thought they would be! Lately Old Navy is my go-to store.

    1. I was a little surprised at the price, too. It wasn't bad at all, especially with have 40% off! I tried on shorts at Old A LOT of shorts...but they just did not fit me right that day. They have such cute clothes, though!

  2. I love shorts that are also comfortable!! The best!!