Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

My random thoughts for this Thursday...

The struggle is real.  I love food, but yet I want to get into better shape.  Definitely a fine line, one that I am still trying to figure out!

I have learned that life is so much fuller when you surround yourself with the people and things you truly love.  Quality - not quantity.

This is so true.  I feel like we underestimate the impact a smile.  Someone could be having such a bad day, or going through something, but because you smiled at them their day got just a little better.  So always be the one that smiles...even if they don't smile back!  

It is so important to get outside of your comfort zone.  You will be able to achieve so much more, if you only take the chance.  I am so bad at asking things...I let my nerves get the best of me, or I just assume I know the answer will be no.  Just take a chance -  sometimes you fall, but sometimes you succeed.  You never know until you put yourself out there!
Happy Thursday!  

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