Thursday, May 7, 2015

Provident, Inc.

Today is a very exciting day - the non-for-profit group I am involved with is having our first awareness/fundraising event!

At the end of last year, I became part of the Young Friends of Provident Board.  Provident is an agency whose mission is to "help individuals and families to a brighter future through counseling, crisis intervention, and community support programs".  

Provident offers a variety of services.  Six counseling locations are in and around the St. Louis area for clients of all ages and backgrounds.  For clients that lack insurance, Provident provides a sliding scale fee structure based on the client's ability to pay.  In addition to counseling, Provident has nine after school sites in St. Louis and St. Louis County that serve 600 low-income children each year.  I was able to attend a program last year at one of the after school sites and it definitely opened my eyes to see how much the kids benefited from this service.

Provident also focuses on suicide prevention.  There is a crisis hotline that receives an average of 80 calls per day and about 10 of those calls are from people experiencing thoughts of suicide.  Provident's Survivors of Suicide, a free support group for those who have lost someone to suicide, is the only one of its kind in the St. Louis area.  This allows people an outlet to try and help them come to terms and heal by leaning on each other in a safe environment.        

To help raise awareness for Provident, the Young Friends is holding a happy hour event at a local brewing company.  This will give us an opportunity to spread the word to our friends and family about Provident and its mission.  With the money raised by the Young Friends, we will hopefully be able to cover next year's rent for one of the Survivor of Suicide locations, as well as purchase some much needed signage for the Provident headquarters.  

I am very excited about this organization and the services offered to the St. Louis area.  I challenge you to get involved in your community in anyway you can.  Every little bit helps! 

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